Research-Based Gardening Information

NC State Extension works to deliver research-based knowledge to North Carolinians and translate knowledge into practical applications to provide solutions to local issues.  NC State Extension is made up of credible experts and educators who provide information, education, and tools people can use every day to improve their lives.  This section of the Newcomer’s Guide will direct you to the knowledge and tools related to gardening in Chatham County, NC.

Gardening is very closely linked to the environment.  Essentially, gardening is about providing the proper environment for the plants you want to grow.  With this in mind, we will provide information in the following categories to help you:

  1. Learn about your new environment (climate, soils, geology, and ecoregions of Chatham County)
  2. Learn about how to work with your environment (what to plant, soil improvement, reducing pests, and permaculture)
  3. Learn how to provide a safe environment in the garden (garden tools, power equipment, and creatures and conditions that might be unsafe)

Useful links for Chatham County: