Trees and Shrubs-August

  • Fall web worms make silken tents on the ends of tree branches.  This caterpillar has a wide host range, though pecan, sourwood, sweet gum, redbud and persimmon are favorites in central NC. While unsightly, they are not particularly destructive to established trees. Use a stick or rake to pull open webs formed by the worms. This exposes the caterpillars to birds and other predators that will feed on them.
  • Avoid pruning or fertilizing trees and shrubs after early August so the plants can prepare for cold season dormancy.
  • Fertilizing landscape plants late in the growing season stimulates new growth that will be susceptible to frost and freeze damage.
  • Shrubs in our area that are in bloom or have interesting fruit, bark or foliage during this month include:
    • Hibiscus  Rose Mallow, Rose- of-sharon
    • Buddleja  Butterfly Bush
    • Abelia