Trees and Shrubs – January
  • The colder months, when plants are not actively growing, are a good time to transplant trees and shrubs that need to be moved.
    • Learn how from this Penn State Extension Fact Sheet.
  • Cleaning up debris from storms and raking up leaves and broken limbs are good winter time landscape tasks.
  • While winter storms can occur as late as March, late January is the time central North Carolina is most likely to experience snow and ice.
    • Learn what steps you can take to prepare your landscape for winter weather
  • Proper care and pruning following snow and ice will increase the chances your plants will successfully recover.
    • Learn how to help your trees and shrubs recover from winter storm damage
  • Shrubs that bloom in our area or have interesting fruit, bark or foliage during this month include:
    • Camellia japonica
    • Loropetalum chinense Chinese fringe flower
    • Chaenomeles Flowering quince
    • Ilex Holly
    • Jasminum nudiflorum Golden Winter Jasmine
    • Edgeworthia chrysantha Paperbush