Trees and Shrubs- July

  • Remove spent flower clusters from crape myrtle to promote more blooms to form.
  • You may see feeding damage from Japanese beetles at this time of year. While tattered leaves are not attractive,  it is probably not worth treating, unless the plant is small or recently planted, weakened by other problems, or in a very high profile location.
  • Lace bugs feed on sap within azalea and rhododendron leaves but their damage is considered cosmetic. Pale, blotchy leaves with dark pinhead size spots on the lower  surface are symptoms of lace bug. Planting resistant varieties and maintaining the plants to reduce stress are the best options for managing lace bugs.
  • Keep ahead of the weeds by manually pulling them or spot spraying with herbicides.
  • Shrubs in our area that are in bloom or have interesting fruit, bark or foliage during this month include:
    • Buddleja Butterfly Bush
    • Abelia Abelia
    • Philadelphus  Mock orange
    • Indigofera Indigo