Trees and Shrubs – March

  • Apply slow release or organic fertilizer around the drip line of trees and shrubs to allow the nutrients to be absorbed by the roots as the wet and warmer weather starts in spring.
    • Learn more from these Extension resources:
      • A Gardener’s Guide to Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs-NC State Extension
      • Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs- Clemson Extension
  • Shrubs that have become overgrown and tolerate severe pruning can be cut back to one to two feet above the ground. Most deciduous shrubs and broadleaf evergreens will tolerate this type of pruning but conifers (needled evergreens) do not.
  • Eastern tent caterpillars may be found in fruit trees, including ornamental crabapple and cherry trees. Pull tents open with a stick to expose caterpillars to birds and other predators.
  • Shrubs in our area that are in bloom or have interesting fruit, bark or foliage during this month include:
    • Abeliophyllum distichum  White Forsythia
    • Spirea
    • Chaenomeles  Flowering quince