Your New Environment

Newcomers to Chatham County may be from regions with different climate, physiography, and soils.  These environmental factors greatly affect what plants thrive and what can be done to improve your garden environment.

Climate is likely the most important environmental factor.  In this section, we will give you information about growing seasons, high, low and average temperatures, and rainfall amounts and patterns.  Also, we will direct you to sources that will give you information about current weather conditions.

Soil is also a very important environmental factor.  We will direct you to information about the types and distribution of soils in Chatham County and general information about soils.  If you have settled on a piece of land, you will have to work with the soil available to you.  Our best recommendation is to get a soil test.

Physiography describes the features and nature of the earth’s solid surface, atmosphere and climate, and distribution of plant and animal life.  We will direct you to sources describing the geology and eco-regions of Chatham County.