The climate of Chatham County is humid subtropical with hot humid summers and chilly winters.  Daily maximum temperature normals in the summer months are greater than 85⁰F and daily minimum temperature normals during the winter months are below 32⁰F.  The average growing season is 195 days from average last frost on April 12 and average first frost on October 24.  Chatham County is in Hardiness Zone 7B, having a low temperature of 5⁰F to 10⁰F.

A calendar of optimal planting dates for a wide variety of vegetable crops has been prepared for Chatham County and is available at:

Monthly normals for daily maximum and minimum temperatures along with monthly normal for precipitation:temp-rain calendar

Average annual precipitation is 46.6 inches which is evenly distributed through the year.  Precipitation, however, can vary greatly over shorter time periods.  It is possible for a month’s worth of rain to fall in a four hour period.  High variability in both spatial and temporal distribution of precipitation does lead to excessively wet or drought conditions.

To see what water conditions are across the region, look at the following web site:

A good website to find weather forecasts is: